Modeling Chocolate

Modeling chocolate is a soft, pliable chocolate clay made with a basic ratio of two parts chocolate to one part syrup. Ours is made with pure, all natural white and dark couverture chocolate. The chocolate we use has no artificial ingredients. It is gluten free with no hydrogenated fats. Similar products can be, and are made by other companies, with imitation chocolate and hydrogenated fats. There are dairy, corn and soy products – milk solids and soy lecithin – in the ingredients used and in the modeling chocolate. The facility used for processing is used for all products including tree nuts, soy, wheat and dairy.  The natural plant based colors are the colors of the natural plants and vegetables they are made from.  The FD&C dyes, or artificial colors, have a little bit of a neon edge - think of bubble gum pink and smurf blue!

Modeling Chocolate Info